This whole world is imbued with delusion. That is not the wisdom that people honor in this world. Learn the truth about true wisdom. Which originated in the very moment of creation. The principle by which light breaks through darkness.

Find out the truth

That was kept hidden from all of us. Genuine wisdom of light from the beginning of the birth of light. Learn about how your great Soul looks and works.

Draw it yourself

Begin to know how the light works. Using my drawings, try to draw it yourself. Read my book. This will help your mind to think at a new level by expanding it.

Ancient Wisdom

Crystal philosopher's stone. Dragon's Egg. Two keys lying crosswise. The keys to heaven. Cross. Efir. Atman. Sword in stone. These are all key encrypted words describing Soul.


What to do on this site?

Read my book as it wil help you to think on a new level. On this site you can do the following:
Social Network
Social netwrok is being used to communicate through our network of people who think in similar way, those who want to understand the secrets being kept by parasites exposing their activities and sharing between each other knowledge that is crutial in understanding who we are. Which will help to bring the world on a completely new level.
Project Manager

About numbers

Important infromation about numbers that everyone needs to know because they come from genuine wisdom. This is important to know because numerology of numbers is inbuild into the laws of the universe. If you read my book you will find out much more about it learning true wisdom and numerology that is vital to know because many arhitectural buildings are placed where they are using true wisdom of light.
Wisdom of light
Rotten wisdom
Sacred number
Number of light
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